Being Humble Is Key

One of the biggest things I’ve learned this year is to be humble. Yes, there are things in life that just plain suck, but what I’ve realized is that I have so many other things to be thankful for. I finally realized this after learning about the 90/10 secret this summer, which is described as 10% of your life is made up of what happens to you while 90% of your life is decided by how you react.

That is what I needed to hear. I always would overthink about the small percent of my life that sucked, but never took time to think about the majority of my life was great. Life will never be perfect and there will always be something that isn’t right. What I realized is that this small 10% of my life that sucks should motivate me and make me want to continue to do and be better.

Another part to being humble is to do kind acts and not expect anything in return. Whether this is by helping someone study, giving a friend a ride, or bringing a friend some food after a long day. These are all acts done out of the kindness of the heart and should be done more often. It’s important to think of others first sometimes. Think about joining the Random Acts of Kindness organization because it truly changes your perspective on life.

Lastly, I learned that sometimes you don’t always have to talk about yourself. It’s important to take time to listen to others and their successes. Take time to be there for someone, because sometimes that’s all that person needs. I’ve learned that I don’t always need to be talking about myself, whether that be my problems or successes. I’m content with listening to others and offering advice.

I’ve changed a lot this past year. I’ve learned to be humble and appreciate life. Have you?

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