Artificial Intelligence: Will It Take Over?

What is artificial intelligence? It’s the development of a computer to be able to perform tasks like a human. Thanks to the increasing number of movies about AI and the more experience we’re getting, it has been a growing topic and the question, “Will it take over?” is still a relatively new thought in our world. The question can be hard to wrap your head around, so my goal is to answer that question.

It’s easy to think that the possibility of AI taking over is high. Computers have beat humans in many different situations: solving mathematical equations, the time it takes to solve that problem and (sometimes) during computer games. While AI can do that, we can do a lot of amazing things as well. We beat AI in survival, reproduction and interacting to an unknown situation.

Look around and think about all of the technology that we have that benefits us: cell phones, computers, and television. All this helps us grow and become smarter. We complete tasks faster and more efficiently by automating processes, and we are also given the ability to share ideas and connect with people from around the world. Why would AI “take over”? They are designed to help us, not destroy us.

While they are not designed to destroy us but rather help us in our everyday tasks, you never know what could happen and what could evolve. The younger generations who have grown up with technology would be more trusting of AI, and therefore might not even realize when we get too reliant on what they provide. There is the possibility for AI to grow tremendously, and we can’t even begin to think about what it will be like decades from now.

So, will artificial intelligence take over? My answer: probably not. That doesn’t mean that we can just forget about this topic, though. It’s important to be cautious and understand the risks involved in moving forward with AI. It’s also important to note the benefits because artificial intelligence can really help humanity in short and long term. It’s just a matter of time before we can get a concrete answer.

What are your thoughts?

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