My Goals As Incoming Editor-In-Chief

There’s no doubt that becoming Editor-in-Chief is a lot of responsibility. While I’m nervous to take on so much responsibility, I’m also excited and honored to step into these shoes. I’m majoring in Management Information Systems, which is described in my words as the implementation of information technology to improve business processes. I’m interested in eventually pursuing project management; therefore, this opportunity will help me get that management experience. While this will benefit me, this will benefit the Odyssey team as well. I strive to continue to improve our team and wanted to share my goals:


In the past few weeks, I’ve seen many talented writers on our team. I look forward to reading everyone’s article each week and am proud to be a part of a team that continues to improve their writing. With that being said, I plan to grow our team so that we can have an even bigger presence in the Omaha community. I believe that there are many talented writers here in Omaha but they just don’t know about this opportunity yet. Along with the help of my team, I plan to get the word out there about how rewarding this opportunity is. I’m excited to not only build connections with the current writers, but writers that will join in the future as well.

Increasing our social media presence

Once we grow our team, it will make it even easier to increase our presence on social media. I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to share articles on multiple platforms. Just a few weeks ago, I received a comment on Facebook saying, “I love this so much!” Another person shared my article on Tumblr saying how much the article related to them. Knowing that I can bring others happiness and that they enjoy my writing is what keeps me going. It’s a rewarding feeling. Increasing our social media presence will just give more opportunities to reach people and relate to them.

Being a role model

This goal is what I’m most excited for. I hope that throughout my time as Editor-In-Chief, I become someone that people can trust and look up to. I want to inspire writers to improve and be confident in their writing. I want for writers to come to me when they’re struggling with a topic or when they have random questions. Overall I want to grow and improve the UNO Odyssey community. I’m excited for what’s to come in the future and thankful to have come across this opportunity.


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